LIFE Group

INTRODUCING the LIFE (Literacy Is for Everyone) Group

The National Federation of the Blind of Illinois (NFBI) welcomes you to the LIFE Group for those individuals interested in improving their Braille reading skills.

To improve their Braille skills, LIFE participants meet weekly for an hour of reading via teleconference. Participants take turns reading aloud to each other from a Braille book the group has chosen. During the week participants do homework, reading a given number of pages to prepare for the next meeting.

Who Can Participate?

  • Anyone who is learning to read contracted Braille. The current participants read less than 50 words per minute.
  • Anyone who has access to Braille books through the National Library Service (NLS), Bookshare, or other sources. Participants must obtain a hard copy of the selected book or download a Braille file to read on a Device with a Braille display.

When Does the LIFE Group meet?

Currently the LIFE Group meets either on a Friday or Sunday at 5 PM or 7 PM. At present the meeting time is flexible to fit participants’ schedules.

We are all learning, and we aim to make our meetings relaxed and comfortable. We all stumble over a contraction now and then, and we are all there to help each other.

Currently all LIFE participants are adults, but we avoid books with strong language or overt sexual content. We believe that older children would fit nicely into the LIFE Group. If there is interest, we are willing to form a younger children’s reading group as well. The time and day for such a group are open. Age-appropriate books would be selected for reading.

On September 8, 2019, we will begin reading 15th Affair by James Patterson. We hope to attract participants who would enjoy a simpler, shorter book. Please consider joining us, and help us spread the word!

For more information, contact Linda Hendle at:
H: (630) 912 2652
C: (630) 550 0793